Announcing Cloudside

Announcing Cloudside

We make Cloud work for you.

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Umesh Kumar
·Jul 6, 2021·

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I am Umesh, super excited to embark upon my entrepreneurial journey with my mentors in RK , Ram , and friends in Richard , Karthik . Read about our start below.

We are super excited to announce Cloudside Technologies, our new startup, and new passion :). As a company, there is a lot for us to do. Particularly in the wake of the world’s applications moving towards a new home, Kubernetes. Businesses are in varying stages of their cloud adoption. It’s now a matter of when and not if. We believe that we can add value to our clients by bringing a new perspective to the oft-encountered problems in Cloud and Data consulting. We intend to look at these problems from a product engineering lens and build solutions.


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